The Journey Continues…

Dear Catechists,

Tonight is the last class in preparation for Confirmation. Thank you so much for volunteering to help us prepare these young people to take the next great step in being a disciple of Christ. Please note that we are delaying the start of tonight’s class to 7:30 pm in order to accommodate the students who are attending the hockey game at the Boston Garden. The program will end at 9:00 pm.  This evening, your most important task is to make sure the candidates are silent while in church. That means absolutely no unnecessary talking during the entire program. If you are unable to attend tonight, please let me know as soon as possible.

Here is the plan for the evening:

7:30 pm – Gathering in the Big Hall

Candidate Envelopes:

We will gather at tables in Our Lady of Providence Hall. On each table there will be a stack of large white envelopes labeled with each candidate’s name. Inside the envelope are reading materials to help keep the candidates focused and quiet in church. Please pick up the envelopes as soon as  you arrive and hold onto them until your class is seated in the church. Once your class is seated in the church, you can hand out the envelopes.  Do not hand out the envelopes to the candidates in the big hall.

I am hoping that most of the candidates will be bringing a sealed letter from their parents for them to read in church as well. When they arrive in the hall, they should give this letter to you to add to their envelop. Please be sure to put the letter in the correct envelope marked with the candidate’s name. If anyone in your class is absent, hold onto their envelope until the end of the night and then leave it in the blue/green cell phone box. We will be taking attendance based on whose envelope remains behind.

Cell Phone Boxes:

The green/blue box for cell phones will also be on your table.  While in the big hall, make sure every candidate silences their ringer and puts their cell phone in the box. You will keep this box with you while in church, so that at the end of the evening, the candidates can pick up their phones as they leave. At the end of the night, please leave the box and any envelopes you may still have at the end of the pew where you are  sitting.

Seating in Church:

After making a few announcements, I will call out each table by number to be seated in the church. Mrs. Dooley will usher each group to their pews. The candidates will be asked to sit only in spots were red programs are placed. These will be spaced out so that there is several feet between each person.  When your class gets up for the candle lighting ceremony, be sure the candidates leave their red program on the seat where they are sitting so that they can return to the same spot when they come back.


The Candidates are expected to remain silent for the entire time they are in church. They may pray or read, but their should be no unnecessary talking.  The candidates will be asked to use the bathroom before they enter the church, so nobody should be allowed to leave the church to use the bathroom unless it is an emergency. Please continuously monitor your group for the entire evening and do not hesitate to remind them that they need to be silent while in church. If you have any trouble with a candidate who keeps talking, please come find me and I will ask him or her to leave the church with me.

It’s going to be quite a night!  For details about the service, click this link to the program for the night: The Journey Continues

Thank you,