We need your input to develop the Best Religious Education Program ever!


Take our survey & meet with
us to discuss the results on
Aug. 15th @ 7 pm

From the start of his pontificate, Pope Francis has been working hard to guide the Church in celebrating the Joy of the Gospel*. Our hope is to bring this joy to the families we serve and make our Religious Education program the best it can possibly be!

To begin transforming our Religious Education program so that it works for the families in our community, we first need to know what works best for you. Since we cannot interview each person individually, we ask that you to click on the link below and take a moment to give us your feedback on three topics: Communication, Scheduling and Community Building. We think these topics are important, but this is just a start! We will be holding meeting on August 15th @ 7 pm in the Parish Council Room to discuss the results of the survey and brainstorm future topics. We hope you will come to the meeting and perhaps even volunteer to be a member of our advisory board.

Take the Survey Here!

Program Survey

We also recommend that you download a copy of our current Parent Handbook. The handbook explains your mission as parents to raise your child to be a Disciple of Christ and our mission as parish staff to help you do that. Each section of the handbook details how our program seeks to address each of the six components of discipleship. Please read the entire handbook. It will tell you why we do what we do!

Download our Parent Handbook Here!

Parent Handbook

We are devoted to using all the resources of our program to help families pass along the gift of faith to their children. We hope you agree with us that it is a joy to be Catholic!

All the best,
Marina, Brenna, Anne, Allison & Farrah

*This is the title of the first document he wrote as pope!

MEETING AGENDA: 7 pm – 8 pm
7:00  – Greetings & Opening Prayer
7:05  – Our Mission & the Gospel (Review Parent Handbook, Tweet the Gospel)
7:20 – Discussion and Review of Survey Results
7:45 – Brainstorm new ideas. Call for advisory board volunteers
7:55 – Wrap up and Closing Prayer

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