Loyola Press “Email Us” option offline

computer-frustrationDear Homeschool Parents

We love the effort Loyola Press puts into making their program materials the most engaging available – with great writing, beautiful artwork, and fun interactive online reviews. Unfortunately, being on the cutting edge often means that we need to be patient with some of the glitches they are having with the online components of their program – specifically the email portion of the online reviews.

Last year, we realized that the “email us the results” option on the games was not working. Sometimes we would get multiple emails of the same session review results, other times we would get none. Now it appears that Loyola Press has entirely disconnected the online games from their email server. Hopefully, it is to fix the problem. Fortunately, the games themselves continue to work fine, which from a learning point of view is really the most important part!

We would like to thank all the parents who alerted us to this latest problem and ask everyone to continue to follow the program as directed and be sure to keep a written log of the dates when your child completed each session review. As we explained at the homeschool meeting in October, and in our email of Nov. 24th, the written log is the official record of your child’s progress through the lessons. When your child has completed all 25 session reviews, hand the log in to us and we will give him or her credit for completing the year.

If you have not been keeping a log, please begin doing so and back estimate the dates for sessions already completed. You can download the log by clicking HERE or on the link in the sidebar to the right above the green Homeschool FAQ button.

Many Thanks!
Marina & Marie

November 24: “Homeschool Update” Email to Parents

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