C1 Youcat 1 – Welcome Night

To learn how to use your YOUCAT, read the “Instructions for Use” on the first page. At the conclusion of the book (on page 288) is the Subject Index, which allows you to look up information by subject or person. Please note that the numbers shown beside the subject or person refer to the question number in the YOUCAT, not the page number. Consequently, to find the related information, you need to look for the number shown in a yellow circle within the text of the book. Use your YOUCAT to find the answers to the homework and use your Bible to find the answer to the scripture questions.

Welcome Night: September 22, 2016

What are three questions you have about your faith or the Church?
List your questions below.  Use your YOUCAT to see if it contains the answers to your questions.  If you find the answer, write down the YOUCAT number where you found the answer.


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