Pumpkin Decorating!

Confirmation I – Pumpkin Decorating Service Project!

October 25, 2018 @ 7:15 pm

During class this Thursday, our Confirmation I students will be participating in our annual Pumpkin Decorating service project for the residents at LifeCare in Stoneham.  This is a great example of how much fun it can be to brighten up the day of nursing home residents who may not have many moments of joy in their life.

ALL Confirmation I students should bring a 6-8 inch pumpkin to class on Thursday to decorate for the residents at LifeCare. The smaller pumpkins sold for pies work best. In addition, we also need volunteers to bring additional craft supplies and/or snacks to share with the class as we decorate the pumpkins in the big hall.

We will NOT be carving or painting the pumpkins (too messy!), so please limit the decorative materials to such things as permanent markers, self-adhesive foam letters/stickers, large plastic googlie eyes, etc. Michael’s in Redstone has a wide variety of craft materials that would look just great! You’d be amazed at how creative candidates from past years could be.

Click here to let us know what you can bring!

Keep track of how much money you spend! Everyone who brings a pumpkin and donates refreshments or decorating materials will receive an extra hour of christian service for every $10 they spend, PLUS one hour for participating in the class. Our Confirmation I candidates are expected to complete a minimum of 10 hours of Christian Service this year. Be sure to keep track of your child’s hours on the Christian Service form.

Click to Download the Christian Service Form


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