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Catholic Prayer for Catholic Families


Paperback, 48 pages

Saint Patrick Religious Education is pleased to offer all our families a free copy of Catholic Prayers for Catholic Families. This booklet includes short chapters on Understanding Prayer, Learning How to Pray, and Catholic Prayers & Devotions. Also inside are the Mysteries of the Rosary, the Stations of the Cross, and changes from the new Roman Missal.

As a parent you have a very special and unique relationship with your child. In order for this relationship to continue growing and developing, you and your child need to keep the lines of communication open. Without communication, relationships suffer.

God wants to be in communication with his children, just as any parent does. Another word for this communication is prayer. Catholic Prayer for Catholic Families provides direction for you and your child as you develop and maintain a relationship with God through a life of prayer.

This resource will provide you with direction as you accompany your child on a faith journey with the Lord. Supplies are limited, so please let us know if you would like a copy of this valuable resource for your family. Fill out the form and we will send a copy of this book home with your child free of charge.

We ask that parents/guardians request only one copy per family.


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