Vacation Bible School 2010

Bible Camp 2010

Joseph’s Journey To Egypt

More than one hundred children and teens journeyed to ancient Egypt and relived the Old Testament story of Joseph while participating in Vacation Bible School (VBS) at Saint Patrick Parish during the week of July 19. Teen volunteers recreated an Egyptian scene complete with Pharaoh’s palace, a pyramid, and ancient marketplace.  70 VBS campers, ranging in age from 4 to 10, first met Joseph in an Egyptian prison after he was sold into slavery by his jealous brothers.

Throughout the week, Joseph, portrayed by parishioner Ren Tocci, told the children stories of how he, through faith and God’s guidance, discovered he had the ability to interpret Pharaoh’s dreams foretelling years of abundance followed by famine in Egypt.  Pharaoh rewarded Joseph by giving him an important job in the palace.  With the power of this new position, Joseph could have taken revenge on his brothers who came to him for help during the years of terrible famine.  Instead, Joseph forgave his brothers and brought his entire family to Egypt to be safe with him.

Accompanied by their teen leaders each day, campers sang songs, played Egyptian games and visited the ancient marketplace where they tried their skills as apprentices making baskets, designing jewelry, and writing in hieroglyphics.  At the food market, the children snacked on Egyptian delicacies such as dried fruit, breads, and roasted “snake” (which tasted surprisingly like Italian sausage!).  Day by day, campers erected a pyramid built by bricks on which they wrote their personal “God sightings,” moments in their lives when they felt God’s loving presence.  The week ended with parents and grandparents invited to view a slideshow of all the fun and the children singing a camp song for parishioners at the Family Mass on Sunday.

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