The Journey Continues: Night of Prayer & Reflection

Dear Parents & Guardians,

For our last class on Sunday, the Confirmation candidates will be given the opportunity to contemplate their decision to receive Confirmation during a night of prayer and reflection that will take place in the upper Church in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament. This is the most important class in our journey of preparation for Confirmation. Our program can only take these young people so far. Now we entrust this last leg of our journey to the guidance of the Holy Spirit. It is our hope that the Candidates will hear his voice during this night of prayer and quiet reflection, and it will encourage them to more fully embrace the grace they will receive through the sacrament.

Please make every effort to be sure your child attends this class on Sunday. We are delaying the start of class to 7:30 pm in order to help accommodate the Confirmation candidates who will be cheering on the Stoneham High School Hockey Team at the Division 2 State Championship game on Sunday at the Boston Garden. According to this website, the Stoneham vs. Plymouth South game is scheduled to start at 3:15 pm. We hope that the extra half hour will give the kids enough time get home and cleaned up before coming to the church. Class will end at 9 pm – so please have your child come even if he or she is going to be late.

Parent Letters of Encouragement & Love

As the parents and guardians of these young people, you are the fundamental source of their faith formation. Therefore, we feel very strongly that at this critical point in the process, it is important that your child hear your voice as well. Apart from God, nobody loves or cares about your child as much as you do!

During the program for the evening, we will be giving the candidates a packet of reading materials to help guide them in their prayers & reflections. We would like to include in this packet a letter from one or both parents/guardians expressing your thoughts and feelings about your child’s Confirmation. The letter can be hand written or typed and should be sent to class with your child in a sealed envelop with his or her name on the outside. Tell your child to give the letter to his or her table facilitator, who will include it with his or her packet of materials for the night. Last year, it was truly wonderful to see how eager the candidates were to read this letter from the people who matter the most in their lives.

There is no right or wrong way to write this letter – just speak from your heart. Express your love, pride, joy and hopes for your child. You may want to recall you own Confirmation Day, explain why you think being part of the Church is important, or simply how glad you are that he or she stayed with the process. We will not be monitoring the contents of these letters, this is an entirely private moment between you and your child.

May the joy of the Gospel be yours!

All the best,
Marina Memmo

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