Important! Grade 1 Religious Education Classes Cancelled for December 17 – stay warm & safe!

Dear Parents and Catechists,

I decided to cancel Grade 1 religious education classes for December 17th due to the adverse weather forecast of possibly heavy snow and sleet Saturday morning. It is unfortunate, because we had planned a fun Christmas celebration for the children on our last day together before the Winter Break.

As a consolation, I uploaded a picture book and video retelling of the Nativity story and a simple ornament activity to our OneDrive account for the children to do at home. Please watch the video (about 30 min) or read the book with your child and and help him or her to draw and decorate a nativity scene ornament using the activity sheet or a round piece of white paper. Take a picture of the ornament and send it to us at – we will post it on our website!

Click on the picture link to access the resources. Feel free to download the book (pdf) and video (mp4) to your tablet or phone.

Also, don’t forget to mark the date of the Grade 1 Church tour on your calendar. We will be meeting for the tour on January 7th in the Upper Church at 8:30 am – Yes! That is a half hour earlier than our regular class time in order to avoid any possible conflicts with funerals that may need to be performed that day. I look forward to seeing you all then!

Finally, the Winter Break assignment is an important part of your child’s religious education. If you did not receive the packet by email or have any questions about it, please contact our office. You can also stop by to pick up a hard-copy of the instructions and printouts if needed.

Wishing you a blessed Christmas and happy New Year!
Marina Memmo

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