One, Two, Three…. Homeschool!


Each homeschool session includes three resources:  1) a lesson plan to help parents with the key points of the lesson, 2) a study guide for your child, and 3) an interactive session review for your child to complete at the end of the lesson in order to demonstrate what he or she has learned.  The lesson plan and study guide can be either viewed or printed from your computer. The interactive session review is an online Q&A activity that is hosted on the Loyola Press: Finding God website. All of these resources are to be used in conjunction with your child’s book and grade level Art Prints.

We have observed that when children get an answer correct during the interactive session review, they gain a real sense of accomplishment and express great enthusiasm for continuing. Therefore, we strongly encourage parents to take the time to make sure their children are fully prepared to answer the questions before they begin the interactive session review.

Getting Credit for Completing a Session

During the interactive session review, your child’s score is recorded.  In order to get credit for completing each session, your child must have a perfect score on the interactive session review.  To achieve this goal, you will be given the option to repeat the review as many times as needed by clicking the “Take Review Again” button at the end of the session.

Be sure to record each session you complete with your child on the Homeschool Session Log. This is very important, because this is the official record of your child’s work. At the end of the year, you will hand in this log, your child’s Christian Service Form and Unit Assessments (Grade 7 & 8 only).

Sample Session Review E-mail Your Results page

  • Once your child achieves a perfect score on the session review,  email the results to one of our homeschool inboxes.
  • The email address you use will depend upon your child’s grade level. Click to download the email address list for Grades 1-8.
  • Tell us who the email is from by typing your child’s full name in the from field. Do not type anything but your child’s name, as the new system will register an email address as an error.
  • Keep a record of your child’s progress on the Homeschool Session Log because emails often get lost!

Email Address List for Grades 1-8