Grade 1 Liturgy: March 19th at 10AM

Dear Parents,

The Grade 1 Liturgy is quickly approaching!  This is the highlight of our year of Religious Education, because the mass is the center of our prayer life as Catholics. We appreciate your patience with us as we manage the details of involving dozens of First Graders and many adult volunteers in the Mass and Reception.  We are also grateful for such a wonderful response from families.  We apologize that we cannot always respond to individual emails and texts, and that many of you have experienced frustration with not receiving the messages that we send out (and vice versa).  I commend you for your perseverance, and would like to remind you that you should ALWAYS show up for a grade level mass…even if your child did not receive a job…and we will ALWAYS do our best to find a role for your child.

Below you will find three attachments, including the Job Assignments for the MassPlease open the attachment and locate your child’s name on the list.  Please also note the color associated with the job.  This will help you to find your child’s group in Our Lady Hall when you bring them to sign in by 9:30AM on Sunday.  If you do not see your child’s name, please plan to assist them in distributing seed packets and prayer cards.  We will need a lot of little hands to help with this task.  Please note that readers must arrive by 9:15 to give everyone a chance to practice at the microphone before mass begins.

In addition I would like to thank all those who have offered to donate an item for our reception.  At this point, we are all set with food and paper goods.  However, we ask that anyone who is able bring a box of 8 standard crayons to help us get through the final few weeks of class.  All donations can be left in Our Lady Hall at 9:30.  There will be a table marked Donations.  If it’s more convenient for you, donations may be brought to the Liturgy Workshop on Saturday.

Please also review the attachment First Graders at Mass, which explains how your child should approach the altar during Communion.

Instructions for Sunday morning:

  1. Locate your child’s My Own Mass Booklet (blue) and put it in your car so that you will have it on Sunday morning.
  2. Bring your child with the name tag made at Saturday’s Liturgy Workshop to the church. Try to dress your child in red (to honor St. Joseph; it is his feast day). Don’t forget the Mass Booklet so you can help your child follow along during the liturgy!
  3. Proceed to the Upper Church.  Find a seat, and save it with your coat.  If your child has a role during the mass, pews are marked according to the job. In these pews, we can only fit one child and one adult per family.  If there are other members in your family present, you may sit with them elsewhere while your child sits in the job-designated pew with a catechist.  Be sure that your child notes where you are sitting so that they can find you after the procession.
  4. One parent should accompany the 1st Grader to Our Lady Hall to sign in for their Mass Job.  We would like to minimize confusion in the Hall by reducing the number of people present. (If you are alone and have other small children, please bring them all with you so that they are not left unattended). The sign in sheets are color-coded by job. Parents may leave their child in the care of a catechist, unless their job is to pass out seed packets.  These children must be accompanied by the parent to pass out the packets, return the empty bags to Our Lady Hall, and then line up in Our Lady Hall for the procession.
  5. After your child is in line for the procession, please return to your seat in the Upper Church, unless you have been assigned a job as an Adult Helper or Team Captain.  Your child will find you in the church when the procession is over.
  6. Please join us for a reception in Our Lady Hall after mass.

Please share the information in this email with friends who may not be receiving our messages at this time.

Anne Dooley, Liturgy Coordinator

First_Graders_At_Mass AdultHelpersGrade1 Mass Job Assignments Grade 1

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