Confirmation I: T-Shirt Competition Winner!

Kudos to all the Confirmation I students in our classroom program for the great job they did designing t-shirts for next year’s Confirmation II retreat!  As you can see from the results, the project was a huge success!  Each class group was asked to work together to come up with a single design to submit to the contest. The students choose a logo & graphic to express their faith in a bold and public manner.

We sent the designs to Father Mario to select this year’s winner. Here is his exact reaction:

“Wow they are all great. I’m looking at the blue one “it’s not a religion it’s a relationship” and the one that says “I believe”. I’m struggling between the two… Lets go with the blue “I believe” shirt !!!!! I like that best. Please let them know that they did a fantastic job every single one of them. It was so hard to choose.”  – Father Mario

So the winner is…

Congratulations Table #2!

Great Job Everyone!

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