Confirmation Commitment Rite

Sunday, October 14th
during the 6 pm Mass

Dear Parents,

This Sunday, our Confirmation candidates will begin their sacramental preparation with a Rite of Welcoming at the 6 pm Mass.

This is the first of three critical milestones that will mark your child’s progress in the journey towards Confirmation. In order for your child to participate in this rite, one parent must be present to commit to supporting him or her during this time.

I will have pews reserved at the front of the Church for each candidate and ONE parent to sit. If you arrive late to Church and there is no more room in the reserved pews, please sit with your child in a different location and stand together when called to do so after the homily.

At our parent meeting, I included the program for the Rite of Welcoming in the packet of handouts for the night. Please read over it so you will know what to expect during Mass.  If you do not have a copy of the program, click on this link to download the file:  Rite of Welcoming

We will also be collecting the Confirmation Candidate Commitment pledge before and after Mass. Please be sure to sign and return the blue copy of this form to us on Sunday. If you do not have a copy of the pledge, click on this link to download the file: Confirmation Candidate Commitment

Finally, the candidates will NOT be meeting after Mass. We want everyone to go home and celebrate this wonderful night with their family!

Thank you,

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