New Book Purchase


How to purchase a new Religious Education book for your child.

Finding God: $20 (Grades 1-8)
Decision Point: $5 (Grades 9-10)

You may purchase a new Religious Education book by cash or check at any time during our office hours.

If you wish to pay for the book by credit/debit card click the “Donate” button below and enter the total amount for the number of books you are purchasing. A Finding God book for Grades 1-8 costs $20.00 each and the Decision Point book for Confirmation I & II (Grade 9 & 10) cost $5.00 each.

At the present time, we have enough new books in stock for Grades 3-10 for your child to receive one next week.

For Grades 1 & 2 and for children in our homeschool program we will be placing an order for books on Friday, 9/21. Please be sure to pay for your child’s book and forward your PayPal receipt to us before noon on that day so we can include it in our order. The Religious Education program will pay the cost of shipping & handling for your book if we receive your payment/receipt before we place our book order.

Credit/Debit Card Payments:

In the field called “Add special instructions to the seller” let us know what books you are purchasing. For an example, type: “Grade 3 book for [your child’s name].”

After completing your transaction, PayPal will send you a receipt by email. Be sure to print or forward your receipt to us at so we can verify your payment.

Thank you!

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