$ave Money – Book $wap 2016 – Update!

swap-clipart-ev8903_BEdr5_imageBe sure to register your family before June 30th to avoid paying a $20 late fee even if you are waiting for a book! You can always add a book later if we cannot get one for you from the swap.

We have a waiting list of about 20 families who are still hoping to receive a book from our book swap.  If you have a book you no longer need, please consider donating it. If you need a book, you may call our office and request to have your name added to our list. As books arrive, we contact families on the list to let them know when a book becomes available.

The current status of our book swap is as follows:
Grade 2 = None available
Grade 3 = Two books needed
Grade 4 = Four books needed
Grade 5 = Two books needed
Grade 6 = Two books needed
Grade 7 = Two books available
Grade 8 = Four books needed
Grade 9 = Five books needed

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